Sri T Krishnamacharya

Sri T Krishnamacharya
Sri T Krishnamacharya


A humble humanitarian and Yogi Dr Shivram Singh, Samita's  grandfather with former President Late Shri. V.V.Giri — in Delhi, India

 Yogacharya Sri Krishnamacharya
Sri Krishnamacharya, with his son Sri Desikachar
Sri Desikachar, son of Sri Krishnamacharya

His Holiness The Dalai Lama

With Sri Ramaswami Srivatsa, student of Sri Krishnamacharya for over 3 decades

Professor T Seshan, discipile of Sri Krishnamacharya, a highly elevated soul


Yogacharya Samita Rathor sharing Yoga teachings.
We have a unique physical, mental and spiritual level, which differs from person to person. This is when we need a one-on-one instruction, the real, best and 
long-established form of Counselling and Yoga training. 

The student consults the teacher regularly and practices what’s specifically designed for them daily. The Counselling and yoga support becomes an individual journey and the learner develops the skills to observe the subtle changes that occur in his or her own physical, mental and spiritual level.

To heal these different areas of the body and mind a very specific grounding based on the individual’s need is taught to be followed daily. 

After a certain age Yoga needs to be individualized. Initially group yoga could prove hazardous if done without examining the student physically, mentally and emotionally. Getting to know a person on these 3 levels is a time consuming process, which evolves over a period of time. 

When you choose a group class make sure your teacher gives attention to your need. This kind of attention is rare to get and the individuals real needs are overlooked. 

Samita in Pangong Lake, Ladhak.
Rather pursue truth than pretend to know. 
Rather share knowledge than proclaim to be an authority on it. Rather practice than preach. Rather be in stillness than sound. 

When we think we are an authority on something it’s a manifestation of powerlessness and fear. 

To be a spiritual practitioner one requires a great amount of love, compassion and selflessness. 

Knowledge without these qualities is as good as an ocean without water. 
Achieving tough asanas and bending in all directions has no meaning if the foundation of truth is missing. 

The toughest part of a yoga sadhana. 

This is what the inner core truly believes. 


 A Yoga Workshop with the 240 energetic bunch of Symbiosis Internationa University, Lavale, conducted by Acharya Samita Rathor
Individualised Yoga- The Essence of Healthy Living:
By: Priyanka Chakrabarti
Located among lush hills, Lavale offers a chance to coexist with nature as it stands over a valley surrounded by clouds and painted green in its best season. Powered by solar sources, its eco-friendly functioning makes for a perfect setting for contemplative and incisive study far from the worries and hustle of the city. Designed to conserve natural resources, the Lavale campus incorporates a rain water harvesting project to conserve water and re-use it effectively for various purposes. Envisioned as a green zone, students are encouraged to walk and bicycles have been provided for transport. Known as the Symbiosis Knowledge Village, Lavale is home to Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication (SIMC)
October 7th, 2009, at the fag end of the semester, when the threshold of the exams had just passed, the students of Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication were exposed to a scintillating experience of yoga. Samita Rathor conducted this session, and enlightened about 240 students about the importance of the practice of personalized yoga and how it helps one to regulate the inner self.
Samita Rathor has been a student of yoga , under the guidance of Sri T.K.V. Desikachar son of Sri T Krishnamacharya, who happens to be one of the greatest yogis of contemporary times from a 9th century Yoga lineage. Her primary focus is to educate people about different kinds of healing techniques from physical, mental and emotional trauma, through the implication of Individualised Yoga.
Students were projected to six hours of authentic informative session, where different kinds of yogic postures and breathing techniques were unveiled. These help one to accomplish sync between the body, mind and soul. But most importantly prominence was laid on formulation and connotation of individualized yoga.
Samita Rathor chanted “Samatvam Yoga Uchyate ( from the Bhagwad Gita),” which means equilibrium of the mind is yoga. She believes in the fact that every human being is composed of different components and hence each one of them is unique. Every individual have distinctive mental, physical and emotional stratum, thus to cure the various sections of the body and mind, a very explicit and detailed form of yoga, catering to the essential needs of a person is to be appropriately designed. This is the time when the need for a personalized instruction is required for attaining best and incorrigible form of yoga training. In fact, this is the customary yoga philosophy and faith of Sri Krishnamacharya and his son Sri Desikachar.
Yoga helps one to enhance one’s intuitive powers. A personal yoga practice is a very private experiential course of action, which leads to the inspiration of higher senses. It helps to build up awareness on emotional level; whereon it leads to obliteration of negativity. Moreover yoga essentially helps one to focus more, get distressed, it slows down the pace of aging and lastly it helps one to totally get detached from one’s own body and get connected to the universal energies. After certain age yoga needs to be individualized, hence all these results cannot be accomplished in group practice.
Samita portrayed different forms of asanas, which eventually is a course of journey from noise to silence, self-adherence and composition. She imparted the knowledge imbibed with rationality and logic.


Hi! Just two months ago my ten year old son was a high strung, high maintenence little boy prone to temper rages. His extreme bad handwriting was proving a deterrent in school and he was also quite reluctant to go to school. His childhood that should have by all indications been a happy secure one seemed to be a dark dismal little world. It was in this scenario that we came to Samita.Her one-on- one approach seems to have worked well for him. And her holistic approach to the situation involved the entire family. She spoke to my boy and right away seemed to break a barrier where he let out that his reluctance to attend school was because of some bullying issues. That tackled slowly a very light yoga regimen to improve his upper body and increase his concentration was put in place.We have seen steady progress in him. He's calmer now. He concentrates longer and his writing too has improved - his teachers have commented on it. He likes his sessions and cheerily accompanies us to each one. Which is conducted in a non-threatening, easy way.Samita has spoken to each of us individually and worked with us as a family, a unit, to deal with his situation. So each of us is aware and playing a vital role in his progress.Though it is just the beginning and a journey of healing far from over, I am full of gratitude to have been placed in a path where I could meet Samita. And she in turn could help my son.

When I came to Samita about a year ago, my life was in shambles. I was trying to recover from the break up of a 24 years old marriage. Pschologically and physically I was a mess. Then one day I saw an note at IIC where a young lady called Samita Rathor was offering personlized yoga classes. What attracted me to the note was the fact that Samita stated - since each person is unique and has unique problems, group yoga classes are not a solution to problems, the classes have to be worked out on a one to one basis, with the teacher understanding her pupil and the pupil communicating her discomforts. Thats, how I decided to get in touch with her and start the classes. I have never regretted my decision, quite on the contrary, I bless Samita for the way she approaches her pupil and how she gradually evolves an appropriate schedule. She is extremely sensitive and immediately understands what are the needs on a particular day. I remember coming one day, feeling so low that i just slunk on the sofa with no desire to get up. One look at me and she said - Today we will do breathing exercises and you don’t have to get up. I was amazed ! I am now feeling more in control of my life and physically too, whenever I am regular, I feel Positive energy flow after my session. I wish more people discover her.